Our success in helping inventors is demonstrated by the long list of marketing agreements we have achieved and inventor and company testimonials. See invention/product samples below:

2-Way Tray

Inventor Scott D.

"My experience working with Inventionhome has been stellar! I will continue to bring Invention Home my new ideas and have already referred several people. This is a company you can trust!"

A design to solve design flaws

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2-Way Tray

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Turbo Roaster

Inventor Edwardo M.

"InventionHome helped me succeed with my invention and it's now selling in stores nationwide!"

Featured on the logo Show

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Turbo Roaster

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Bed Bath & Beyond Wal-Mart

Unique Seat

Inventor Shirley H.

"InventionHome worked closely with QVC specialist, Scott Hynd to land Shirley a license agreement with a major manufacturer of beach and backyard furniture."

An inventor is born

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Unique Seat

Soon to hit stores


Inventor Jon S.

"Jon’s quest for a piece of pie as good as his mom used to make, led him to develop a pie pan that simplifies the process for anyone, regardless of kitchen experience. InventionHome helped him realize his dream."

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Target Bed Bath & Beyond

Caution Clip

Inventor Keith N.
Kevin V.
Tommy H.

"We’re thrilled to have our product selling in Lowes. They ordered 43,000 units for over 1,200 stores on the first shipment!"

Why didn’t I think of that?

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Caution Clip

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Lowes Ace Hardware


Inventor Louis K.

"Louis came up with the idea for a dog treat maker while reading the long list of (mostly artificial) ingredients on a box of store bought treats. InventionHome helped Louis land a deal with a major As Seen On TV company."

HSN presents the Bake-a-Bone

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HSN Kohls

Better Tongs

Inventor Larry and
Harriet Floyd

This unique kitchen tool turns like a spatula and lifts like tongs, making this plastic and wire creation a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Better Tongs

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Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Grab-A-Card


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  • Puzzle Stix

    Puzzle Stix

    View product
  • Perfect Hanging Level

    Perfect Hanging Level

  • EZ Open Door Latch

    EZ Open Door Latch

    View product
  • Bead Bender

    Bead Bender

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  • G-Midifier Green Humidifier

    G-Midifier Green Humidifier

  • Cabinet Accent Appliqués

    Cabinet Accent Appliqués

  • Downspout Safety Cap

    Downspout Safety Cap

  • Frog Leggs

    Frog Leggs

  • Easy Flow

    Easy Flow

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  • Vibeaway


  • Automotive Serpentine Belt Tool

    Automotive Serpentine Belt Tool

  • CFL Bulb Covers

    CFL Bulb Covers

  • Wonda Wedge

    Wonda Wedge

  • Up with Ez

    Up with Ez

  • Liner Locks

    Liner Locks

  • YipFixx


  • InStep Style

    InStep Style

  • Hinge Pin Press

    Hinge Pin Press

  • Push Up Bench

    Push Up Bench

  • Plug Guard

    Plug Guard

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  • Sofa Caddy

    Sofa Caddy

  • Crisscross Cube Puzzle

    Crisscross Cube Puzzle

  • The Amazing Candle

    The Amazing Candle

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  • Access Door Lever

    Access Door Lever

  • BottleMate


    View product
  • Grease Strainer

    Grease Strainer

  • EzGrip ResQ Pen

    EzGrip ResQ Pen

    View product
  • Dish Squeegie

    Dish Squeegie

  • Pet Murphy Bed

    Pet Murphy Bed

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  • Micro Mixer

    Micro Mixer

  • Sturdi Bowl

    Sturdi Bowl

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  • Leaf Wizard

    Leaf Wizard

    View product
  • Bedding Hanger/Rack

    Bedding Hanger/Rack

  • Tight Access Wrench Set

    Tight Access Wrench Set

  • Unique Shooters Fork

    Unique Shooters Fork

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  • Bi-Light


  • Dog/Cat Collar & Leash w/ Attachable Charms

    Dog/Cat Collar & Leash w/ Attachable Charms

  • Refresh’n Dryer Towel

    Refresh’n Dryer Towel