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Securing Clamp

  • Bryan Jankowski
  • Utility Patent Issued


Securing Clamp is a uniquely designed, rigid clamping device for dollies or mobile carriages that holds items in place during transit.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Secures large items to dollies or other mobile carriages.
  • Protects items from damage during transit.
  • Eliminates the hassle of gripping the item while steering the dolly.
  • Prevents the need for two people to secure the item to the dolly.
  • Accommodates items of varying thickness.

Problems Solved

Many people use straps to secure large items to dollies or other mobile carriages. This method, however, can be time consuming and can require help from another person if the item is particularly wide. Other methods can be complicated to use, expensive to purchase, and may cause damage to the item.

Detailed Description & Features

Securing Clamp is an effective apparatus used to secure a rectangular object, such as a door, safe, or chest to a dolly in order to ease the process of transporting heavy or large objects. The device is comprised of an L-shaped extendable arm that can attach to a carriage or dolly while grasping the rectangular object. The long part of the arm consists of an inner and outer tube, and attaches to the back of the carriage or dolly via a metal brace or bracket. A slot runs through the longer arm in order to allow items of various widths to be attached by sliding the inner tube axially in and out of the outer tube. Additionally, there is a threaded rod on the longer arm that pulls the arm closer to the dolly or pushes it further away. This allows the shorter arm to have the appropriate grip on the carted object depending on the object’s thickness or depth. The shorter arm holds the objects in place with a firm grip based on the adjustments on the longer arm, as well as a rubberized hook or clamping foot on the end that wraps around the transported item.

The device and interlocking parts are preferably constructed from steel or another strong metal composite. Securing Clamp can be used in place of rope or straps that can prove to be ineffective for securing objects. The exact size specifications may vary to fit the needs of attaching smaller or larger objects.

Image Info

Figure 1 Shows two bars attached to a dolly.
Figure 2 Shows the bar by itself.
Figure 3 Shows a man using the bar to move a heavy safe.
Figure 4 Shows a man using the bar to move a door.
Figure Shows an overhead view of the door clamped to a dolly.

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