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Expandable Rack

  • Jack Martin
  • Utility Patent Issued


Expandable Rack is a multi-purpose, variable-length rack that can nearly double in size while remaining attached to the wall.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Expands and retracts in length at a moment's notice.

  • Contains two u-shaped portions that can be inserted into a central, wall-mounted piece.

  • Functions as several different types of racks, depending on the owner's needs.

  • Allows tools, towels, ties, and spices to be better organized and more accessible.

  • Enables a homeowner to adjust the size of the rack as he or she sees fit.

Problems Solved

Once a rack is installed on a door or wall, it cannot be easily modified or changed. For example, a person cannot rip their spice rack out of the wall and install a new, larger one whenever it runs out of space. Nor can a person practically take down a towel rack and install a new one whenever company visits. Additionally, not all racks can be used in different settings in the house. For example, a tool rack would look out of place in the kitchen, while a spice rack is not designed for use in a garage.

Detailed Description & Features

Expandable Rack is an adjustable storage rack that can be used to hold towels, spices, tools, ties, and more. This innovative product comprises a plastic rack made of three main pieces. There is a wall-mountable central piece with a pair of openings on either side. There are also a pair of elongated, U-shaped end pieces. The ends of the U-shaped piece fit into the corresponding pair of openings on the central piece, and are inserted therein. The further the U-shaped piece protrudes, the longer the overall rack itself. The length of the rack varies from 16 inches in length to up to 30 inches in length while affixed to the wall. The product can be used as a towel rack, spice rack, tie rack, tool rack, or any number of racks. Each rack has small design differences to accommodate its intended purpose. For example, the space rack has an enclosed bottom portion atop which bottles of spice may sit, whereas the tool rack has openings wherein a tool such as a screwdriver or pliers can rest when not in use.

Image Info

  • FIGURE 1 Shows the unit broken up into its component pieces.

  • FIGURE 2 Shows the rack put together, as well as the adjusting holes.

  • FIGURE 3 Shows the product functioning as a towel rack.

  • FIGURE 4 Shows the product functioning as a tie and belt rack.

  • FIGURE 5 Shows the product functioning as both a tool rack and spice rack.

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