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Golfer's Tee Setter

  • Phil Schlamp
  • Utility Patent Issued


Golfer's Tee Setter is a portable tee setting device that allows a golf tee to be efficiently and easily placed into the ground at a precise and desired depth each and every time.

The inventor has a working prototype.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Ensures a tee is deposited into the ground at the precise desired depth.

  • Stores easily in a shirt or pants pocket, or golf bag, for ease of use.

  • Aids a golfer in achieving a more favorable drive by ensuring consistent tee placement.

  • Provides a long-handled version that eliminates the need to bend over fully.

  • Contains a built-in scorecard or may have a cylindrical paper scorecard to slip over the handle, where a person may count his or her stroke count.

Problems Solved

A golfer may practice his or her swing again and again until they have it close to perfect, but their actual drive will always differ if the club hits the ball at a different point of contact each time because of varying tee depth. Because of different ground types and soil conditions, it can be quite difficult to ensure consistent tee placement in the ground. A difference of just a millimeter or two can mean the difference between the fairway and a bunker. Additionally, different grass depth can make the depth of the tee appear to be different from what it actually is, but the tee setter assures the depth to the tee ground is always the same.

Detailed Description & Features

Golfer's Tee Setter is an automatic tee setting device that lets a golfer quickly and efficiently place a tee into the ground at an exact depth. This innovative product comprises a small, cylindrical housing roughly the length of a pen or pencil, with a hollow central chamber. A golf tee is placed inside the chamber, and its end protrudes from a small hole in the bottom. The amount of protrusion can be adjusted, to allow the tee to be placed into the ground at a variety of predetermined depths. The user simply pushes the pre-loaded tee into the ground and then pulls away the device, opening the hatch and leaving the tee at the predetermined depth. The product has an option for a scorecard to be printed on the side, or a cylinder of paper that can be slipped over the handle. There is also a version of the product for the elderly and those with bad backs that uses a longer handle, to minimize bending over. The product also has a built-in clip to allow it to attach directly to a shirt pocket. It may also be attached to anything the golfer desires via a hook and loop fastening strip.

Image Info

  • FIGURE 1 Shows the product and its dispensing end.

  • FIGURES 2-4 Shows a person positioning the product, placing it into the ground, and dispensing a tee.

  • FIGURE 5 Shows the built-in graphic scorecard.

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