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Heated Booty

  • Kevin Jenkins
  • Utility Patent Issued


Heated Booty is a highly unique, double-layered foot and ankle booty with internal heating elements and a chamber that houses a hot or cold gel pack.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Applies a heated or cooled gel pack to an injured foot or ankle.
  • Eliminates the hassle of keeping a heating pad or an ice pack in place.
  • Provides greater mobility when heating or icing the foot or ankle.
  • Helps facilitate recovery while shortening the overall rehabilitation process.
  • Benefits anyone with a sprained ankle, broken toe, sore feet, or other related injuries.

Problems Solved

It can be difficult to balance a heating pad or an ice pack on the foot or ankle when rehabilitating injuries or soothing sore feet. Some people may skip this process entirely to avoid the frustration and hassle. Other people may tape the pad or pack in place, but it can be uncomfortable and painful to remove the tape.

Detailed Description & Features

Heated Booty offers an easy and convenient way to heat or cool an injured foot or ankle. This innovative product comprises a double-layered foot booty that extends upward around the ankle. The inner layer is removable for easy washing and drying. The outer layer is soft to protect the internal components. Between the two layers are coiled heating elements and a chamber. Housed inside the chamber is a removable gel pack. The gel pack is either heated via the internal heating elements or removed and placed in the freezer. On the back of the booty is a control panel with a digital screen and temperature controls to adjust the temperature of the heating elements as desired. Beneath the control panel is a port to plug the booty into an electrical outlet to heat the coils. On the bottom of the booty is a rubbery sole, similar to a slipper.

To use, people can either insert a cold gel pack into the chamber or plug in the heating elements to warm the booty and gel pack in the chamber. They can then place the heated or cooled booty on their injured or sore foot. The booty can be offered in a wide range of sizes and colors to accommodate all people.

Image Info

Figure 1 Shows the booty next to an electrical cord.
Figure 2 Shows the control panel and port on the back of the booty.
Figure 3 Shows a transparent view of the internal heating elements.
Figure 4 Shows how the booty plugs into an outlet to warm the heating elements.
Figure 5 Shows a man cooling and heating his foot while resting on the couch.

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