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Bath Rotation Brush

  • Pamela R. Mccauley
  • Patent Pending


Bath Rotation Brush gently deep cleans and buffers the skin while providing a relaxing massage without having to stretch and turn in the shower.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Cleans, scrubs, massages, and exfoliates the skin with ease and comfort.

  • Helps maintain a fresh, healthful appearance.

  • Includes a lightweight, extendable handle and a rotating brush head.

  • Eliminates the need to painfully twist and contort one’s body in the shower.

  • Benefits everyone, including the elderly and pregnant women.

Problems Solved

It can be difficult for the elderly and people with limited mobility to keep their skin clean and exfoliated for a fresh appearance, as twisting and bending in the shower to reach certain body parts may be impossible. Likewise, pregnant women may also struggle to maneuver in the shower. As a result, these individuals may experience dry, flakey skin and may not feel pampered or relaxed.

Detailed Description & Features

Bath Rotation Brush provides a comfortable and convenient way for people to clean hard-to-reach body parts for healthy skin. This innovative product may comprise a bathing brush with an extendable/retractable handle. At the end of the handle can be a rotating brush head. The brush head can be interchangeable, including a sponge, scrubber, massager, and more, to accommodate user needs. The handle can have a series of notches that allows users to adjust the length as needed, as well as a power source—like rechargeable batteries—to power the rotating brush and a speed-control slide button with three settings. Optionally, the brush can be inserted into a base charger for easy recharging when not in use. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

  • FIGURE 1 Shows the brush with the various interchangeable heads.

  • FIGURE 2 Shows the brush inserted into the optional recharger.

  • FIGURE 3 Shows how the handle can extend in length.

  • FIGURE 4 Shows a man washing his back with ease.

  • FIGURE 5 Shows a woman applying lotion to her skin.

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