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  • Donald Richards
  • Design Patent Issued


Shizel is a highly unique multi-tool capable of performing a wide variety of functions such as pulling nails, scraping materials, opening cans, hammering, and much more. The versatile tool can perform a multitude of maintenance tasks with the utmost convenience and efficiency.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Provides individuals with a utility hand tool designed for lawn and garden work, general carpentry, mechanical, residential, and commercial maintenance, and much more.

  • Utilizes a balanced design and ergonomically-designed grip to prevent carpel tunnel syndrome and other injuries due to repetitive movements after long-term use of the hand tool.

  • Features a beveled edge and nail pulling slot, along with a bent handle, in order to offer unique versatility, allowing the tool to perform various functions in hard-to-reach places.

  • Eliminates the need to constantly go back to a garage, shed, or other tool storage area in order to retrieve tools when completing different types of tasks.

  • Improves productivity at home and at the workplace, allowing users to complete their tasks with ease and convenience.

Problems Solved

When performing various maintenance and repair tasks, individuals typically need a number of tools. Each tool is capable of doing different tasks such as pulling nails, leveling edges, scraping paint, and the like. Having to locate and retrieve each of these tools can be time consuming, inconvenient, and frustration. Further, some of these tools can be difficult to operate efficiently, and repetitive use can lead to injuries over time. In addition, having to purchase multiple tools in order to complete specified tasks can be expensive.

Detailed Description & Features

Shizel is an ergonomically-designed hand tool for homeowners and professional contractors which can function as a scraper, prying tool, nail-puller, leveler, chisel, and much more. The highly versatile device is comprised of an angled shaft portion attached to a comfortable handle on one end and a flat, hardened base portion with a beveled edge on the opposite end. The base portion features a nail pulling mechanism in the middle of the base. The device can be gripped by the handle and put to multiple uses with efficiency and convenience.

The tool can prevent people from bruising or cutting their hands when cleaning hard-to-reach spaces. The ergonomic handle design can aid in preventing carpel tunnel syndrome on chores which require repetitive movements, along with offering a balanced design for ease of use. Further, the balanced fulcrum of the handle allows it to sit flat on a surface. The device can perform any number of functions ranging from general maintenance, lawn and garden maintenance, carpentry, floor maintenance, and much more.

Shizel can be constructed using steel and other suitable materials. The base tool is stamped and bent with the beveled edge and nail pulling slot while the handle is angled and welded to the base tool. All parts of the device can be heat-treated. The device may measure approximately 12.5” in length, 1.5” in width, and 2.5” in height while also weighing approximately 8 oz. Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

  • FIGURE 1 Shows a close-up view of the device in its entirety.

  • FIGURE 2 Shows how the device can be used as a separating/beveling tool.

  • FIGURE 3 Shows the device being used to separate molding from a wall.

  • FIGURE 4 Shows a close-up view of the base portion of the device.

  • FIGURE 5 Shows the device being used to pull nails from a wall.

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