Quick Saw

  • Lance Steinmann
  • Utility Patent Issued

Brief Description

Quick Saw is a drill powered reciprocating saw that offers individuals added safety during use.

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Purpose of the Invention

Quick Saw provides individuals with a simple way to remain safe while utilizing a very convenient reciprocating saw. This unique product can prevent a user from becoming injured if he should lose his grip on the unit by disengaging the gears to prevent the saw from operating. The disengagement system also allows for a very fast connection and disconnection process. This innovative item is ideal for use by professionals, such as window fitters and construction workers that use recipro saws on a daily basis. Do it yourselfers may also utilize this product to complete projects in a safe manner. Professionals and do it yourselfers alike will find Quick Saw to be a more convenient reciprocating saw than full sized products for those occasional cuts around the worksite or house.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Standard reciprocating saws may have a time-consuming connection and disconnection process. This may slow a user's work, making tasks take longer to be completed. This may also have employers paying workers for more time to complete a task that may take less time if a simpler connection method existed.

Detailed Description

Quick Saw is an apparatus that can be used in the same manner as a standard reciprocating saw, but is more convenient to keep with you and works with any standard battery operated drill. This product disengages the saw's drive mechanism, which allows easy connection and disconnection from the drill. The gear assembly may include a motor drive shaft that may be connected to an electric drill, which drives a jackshaft by means of a pair of interlocking gears. At rest, the drive shaft is biased by a spring to a position where the gears are not in contact with each other. When the operator pulls the saw housing toward the drill, the spring is compressed and the gears are engaged, thus allowing the saw to operate. Should the operator lose his grip on the housing, the spring biases the drive shaft back to its original position, thereby disengaging the gears. Various drills may be used in conjunction with the unit. The exact dimensions, materials used for construction and method of operation of Quick Saw may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows what the product may look like.
FIGURE 2 Shows another view of Quick Saw with various blades nearby.
FIGURE 3 Shows the product from another angle.

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