Skidget Log Haulers

  • Jason Varcoe
  • Utility Patent Issued

Brief Description

Skidget Log Haulers provides individuals with a safe, effective, and affordable method of hauling logs using an ATV or other vehicles capable of towing, without the use of hydraulics or wheels.

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Purpose of the Invention

Skidget Log Haulers is a system designed to safely and effectively remove logs from the bush without destroying or harvesting unnecessary wood. The device is intended to be used with an ATV, but is adaptable to any vehicle capable of towing, such as snowmobiles or tractors. The attachment pivots left and right for easy maneuvering of the load. As a safety feature, the device also pivots up and down to prevent the towing vehicle from tipping over. Multiple logs can be hauled with one Skidget. The device effectively elevates the log off of the ground, preventing it from becoming lodged in the dirt or damaged by surrounding trees. This system offers an easy and efficient method of hauling logs from the bush.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Other methods designed to haul logs from the bush have proven to be ineffective. Many devices are on wheels and are extremely large. These devices are difficult to maneuver in the bush and tend to become unstable and may tip over. Other methods involve chains and cables going over top of the ATV, which can cause the vehicle to become unstable. The cables and chains also become very tight around the logs, making them difficult to remove when needed. The other devices on the market drag the log on the ground, causing it to become jammed into the ground and making it a safety hazard for the driver. A more reliable and economical method of hauling the logs is needed.

Detailed Description

Skidget Log Haulers are constructed of durable steel. Each Skidget is 18" long and 6" wide, allowing for easy storage. Each one weighs 25 pounds. Multiple logs can be hauled with one Skidget, while many logs can be hauled simultaneously by attaching more Skidgets. They are available with either a bolt on or receiver style hitch, enabling them to be used with any vehicle with towing capabilities. The main body of the device is designed to pivot left and right to allow the driver to easily maneuver around obstacles. It is also capable of pivoting in an upward motion, keeping the weight of the log at the center point of gravity. This ensures that the vehicle does not tip, even when driving on rough or hilly terrain. A chain is placed over the top of the log or logs to secure them. The main body includes the carrier, which is designed to accommodate any weight and size of log. The carrier is slid forward before the log is placed on. Once the log is in place, the chain is applied. As the tow vehicle starts moving, the carrier slides back onto the main body, causing the chain to draw down on the log and snaring it into the carrier spikes. The harder the tow vehicle pulls, the harder the log is snared in. When the driver reaches their destination to release the log, they may simply back up 2, which allows the carrier to slide up on the main body and loosen the chain. A safety handle is included. The device is maintenance-free. The exact specifications may vary.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows how the assembly can be attached to all types of vehicles.
FIGURE 2 Shows the device and all of its components.
FIGURE 3 Shows different sized logs secured on Skidgets.
FIGURE 4 Shows device with log effectively elevated off of the ground.
FIGURE 5 Shows multiple logs on Skidgets with adapter in place to hold three Skidgets.

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