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Frequently asked questions for inventors and companies.

Who is InventionHome?

We are an independent company based in Monroeville, PA. We were founded by inventors/entrepreneurs who succeeded in building a single invention idea into a multi-million dollar product line. Through many years of successes and failures, we refined a simplified process for commercializing inventions while keeping costs and risks to a minimum.

Today, we provide our low cost, low risk model to inventors from around the world.

How long has InventionHome been in business?

InventionHome was founded in 2002 and officially began operating in 2003.

How does InventionHome help?

We help inventors and entrepreneurs through the patent, design, and marketing process with the ultimate goal of licensing, selling, or wholesaling the product.

We help companies discover new products and inventions by proactively matching and sharing our client’s inventions with them and working to negotiate win/win marketing deals.

What are the costs?

Here is a summary of our costs. For more details and package options, please review our website.

  • - Patent search ($399)
  • - Provisional Patent Applications ($599 includes USPTO filing fee)
  • - Invention Portfolios (3 options)
    1. 1. Basic Invention Portfolio ($699)
    2. 2. Plus Invention Portfolio ($2,799)
    3. 3. Premium Invention Portfolio ($3,899)

- Marketing & Licensing Program (No upfront cost – 10% royalty sharing)

- Companies pay nothing to work with InventionHome to discover new inventions.