Marketing & Licensing Your Idea

Get your invention or product in front of companies looking for their next hit.

Great companies are always looking for their next hit product

Inventors and entrepreneurs are a great way for companies to discover new inventions and products available for license or sale. Get started with your invention today.

3 types of marketing deals

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Licensing for royalties

Licensing is when a company pays you ongoing royalties in exchange for permission to make, use or sell your invention. Typically, the company will pay all costs to develop, manufacture and sell the invention and pay you a royalty from sales of the invention.

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Selling your invention

The main difference between "selling your invention" and "licensing" is in the transfer of rights. When you sell your invention, you transfer rights of ownership. Licensing is like “renting” your patent rights or invention, which allows you to retain the ownership of your invention.

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Wholesale & Distribution

For inventors with fully developed product, we can help you connect with companies looking to wholesale product directly from you. Through our marketing and licensing process, we target wholesalers, agents and other companies looking for innovative products.

"InventionHome's invention alerts (HotLinks) is a very convenient process for sharing inventions. They've presented some very interesting products to us, and we'll keep looking for licensing opportunities."

- Chef's Planet

Our Marketing Program

We do not charge an up-front fee, we ask to share royalties 90/10 (you keep 90%).

Targeted Invention Alerts (HotLinks)

HotLinks is our proactive and targeted system for matching and presenting your invention to prospective companies. HotLinks is the primary communication process for sharing your invention with companies across North America looking for new product and invention opportunities.

Online Invention Showcase (iShowOnline)

The iShowOnline is our online Invention Showcase that offers companies easy access to search for new inventions available for license, wholesale or acquisition. The iShowOnline is a valuable marketing tool providing maximum exposure for your invention.

Management of Company Interest

Our professional marketing staff will work directly with companies to drive and manage interest in your invention, which includes managing the product review and evaluation process, commonly referred to as "due diligence".

Royalty Negotiation & Contract Signing

We manage the negotiation process for you and ensure that you have the final decision on all aspects of the negotiation. Plus, we manage the contract and contract signing to simplify the process for you. Or you may hire your own attorney, at your own expense.

Contract Deliverables Management

After a license agreement is signed we will continue to manage the process to ensure the company follows through on the deliverables that were outlined in the agreement including, paying your royalties on time.

You Are Not Locked In

We do not lock up your invention, which means we only receive our 10% if we are successful in landing a deal for you, not if you land a deal on your own. We believe that's a fair deal.

Our Product Categories

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  • Children/Infants
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  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Drug/Beauty
  • Educational
  • Electronics
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